I love the outdoors and all sorts of animals. I have a teddy bear hamster named Bs and he is my world. I love sports and I have played basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball. My favorite place to be is the ocean, where it is stress free, sunny skies, and not a worry in the world as the breeze goes by.

I plan to use my domain this semester by starting out by blogging about different subjects that interest me, like the outdoors, fishing, or events that are going on around University of Mary Washington. I plan on showing some of my previous work that I have created using Photoshop, including gifs, flip book, appropriation, and a lot of other neat projects! I decided to set up my domain using pages to blog on and a picture of my hamster to show him off to everyone who views my domain! I left the visibility on public so anyone can look at my site! I chose a theme and uploaded a picture of my hamster for the header, and a picture of multiple sunsets as my background. I created the multiple sunset picture on photoshop for one of my previous classes; this image relaxes me and takes me to the beach.